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Remote Support  01609 748 625

Business Support Package

Stress-free computing is here!

From just £175 annually (ex VAT)

What is the Business Support Package?

  • Access to our extensive HELP AREA on our website
  • A fast, friendly, professional response to your general everyday office computer problems, for peace of mind knowing you have ready access to help
  • An engineer who is familiar with your office set up and working practices
  • Labour discount on repairs and site visits
  • Up to 10 laptops or PC’s covered

How to get support

Telephone the workshop 01609 748 625 Email request
Website Text message 07984 098 446

What happens next?

An engineer advises you via telephone, email or text. If necessary a secure connection can be made to your computer. Remote Support can then be used to take control and diagnose and try and fix the problem if this is possible.

Examples of customer problems covered

My computer is slow My antivirus has run out
I can’t find a file I clicked on something I shouldn’t have
I can’t print My documents are muddled up
I can’t get on my email My spreadsheet has disappeared
I can’t get on to Google I can’t get on to my accounts

What is not covered?

An engineer visit to your business** More serious virus attacks that prevent Remote Access**
Any replacement/upgrade parts or software (excluding warranty items) for example a replacement hard drive Complex faults requiring workshop repairs, for example a reload of Windows or hardware upgrade**

**You will receive a discount on labour charges

Coorecom Ltd Gold Support T & C

Remote Support Package is provided by Coorecom Ltd and offered to registered support members and relate to their nominated item of equipment subject to the following.

  • Minimum 12 months subscription paid in advance by standing order monthly or invoiced annually. Members have to register a Personal Computer or laptop as their “nominated device” and support is provided for that item. General IT advice on all “computer related matters” may also be provided and can be related to another household computer device, but Remote Support is only carried out on the nominated device Further PC or laptops within the household can be added at £5 each up to a maximum of 4 devices
  • Coorecom Ltd provides a no charge response to a request for advice or practical help on operating system (OS) arising with using a Windows (7 and above) or Apple based home computer (Snow Leopard and above)
  • Coorecom Ltd will advise at no charge on general software issues with Microsoft Office products from 2006 and above
  • Coorecom Ltd offers help and advice on iPads and Android tablets. But not Remote Support (as tools are not available for this purpose at present)
  • Any advice given is in the form of, telephone conversation, email, text, or verbal face to face and is our opinion and diagnosis based on the information/symptoms available at the time.
  • Remote Control of your computer (following your agreement to use) is offered at no charge as a tool to assist a repair or for you to demonstrate a problem to us.
  • Home visits at no charge will be made if considered to be appropriate by our engineer
  • Any workshop tasks agreed to be necessary will be at our engineer’s discretion and prearranged and are carried out at our Danby Wiske premises and any extra charges would be agreed with the member
  • Workshop repairs carried out at no charge, upgrade or request reloads are subject to a discounted labour charge and this would be agreed with the member beforehand. Members may be asked to bring the computer to our Danby Wiske workshop
  • Coorecom Ltd offers an invited no charge optional Remote “computer health check-up” which will scan for virus or malware presence and clears temporary files, cache folder and Internet history. It checks for updated antivirus presence and OS updates. If a backup drive is fitted this will be checked too. This service can also be carried out in our workshop by arrangement and requires the equipment to be brought in to us
  • Support response time aims to be considered “fast & reasonable” within the constraints of our existing workload, all members requests are considered priority and dealt with appropriately. Outside of normal working times we monitor text, email and answerphone requests and will respond as soon as we can do so. Our holiday periods will be advertised to our members and we shall take steps to maintain satisfactory support response at these times
  • Any labour or home visit not included in this package will be discounted by 20% and members will be made aware of these charges before they arise
  • All hardware parts, software or upgrades are chargeable and members will be made aware of these charges beforehand
  • A fair and reasonable limit placed on the support given under this package is at the discretion of Coorecom Ltd and is final