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Remote Support




Need a computer package?

We offer a more  personal approach rather than simply going to a PC shop and buying whatever is top of their target sales that month! From quote to install, we provide the very best way to buy your new desktop, laptop or iPad. After discussing with you to understand what you actually need, Apple or Microsoft equipment is carefully selected to match your requirements. We then prepare a full detailed quotation which covers every cost. Once accepted we source the equipment from our trusted trade suppliers, prepare it in our workshop and copy your data from your old machine. We set up your email and put on any software needed. The computer is installed in your home and we demonstrate its operation step by step ensuring you are ready to use it. Stress free! We are all geared up and ready to set up your new Apple computer or Windows 11 machine, exactly the way you need it to be.

Already bought your new computer? No problem we can set that up too just the same. Full after sales support is available to keep it running like new. See our support packages.



Does your home or business have poor internet coverage?

Coorecom can strengthen and widen the Wi-Fi coverage for dependable connectivity in all your rooms and outside spaces. 

Reap the benefits:

  • save time online and maximise the use of your work space increasing your business efficiency
  • enhance your online experience by enoying faster  connections and a wider range of locations in your home and garden.

Our services include

  • new Wi-Fi systems - a detailed survey, preparation and installation of a bespoke system with follow up support and maintenance
  • enhancement of existing Wi-Fi systems using extended access points
  • upgrades to business Wi-Fi systems for a growing team
  • installation of a separate Guest Wi-Fi to keep your home or business network protected from cyberattacks and your personal information secure
Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

We can carry out regular checks on your computer to look for and remove harmful and unwanted internet items. By making sure your computer has all the necessary manufacturers updates installed along with antivirus software this can minimise the risks to your machine. We can upgrade your "slow but not yet ready for replacing" laptop or desktop and transform it to better than new for a lot less than replacing it. Minimising electronics waste. (See our upgrade section).

In our well equipped workshop we can repair any problems or faults, with software programs (for example Windows) or physical hardware parts (for example hard drives). We also look after iPads, desktop monitors and even some vintage electronics.

Give us a call or email us and we can advise on the first steps to getting you back on track.

Alongside our traditional "Pay as You Go" type of computer support we also offer support packages.



Why not get us to upgrade your computer to Windows 11? Safe and securely. 

We deal with PCs, Laptops, MacBooks, iMacs and iPads. If your machine has slowed down, become filled up with photographs, or is just no longer fast enough to cope with the ever-changing world of the internet it needs an upgrade. We can provide the skill and knowledge to expand it, reinstall the operating system or suggest an upgrade to rejuvenate it. From a simple tweak-up to a full hardware refurbishment, for example, we can replace the slower mechanical harddrive with a fast new electronic version, transforming the performance of your computer making it better than new!. We have all the solutions you need backed by years of experience to make it work. 

Support Memberships:

Support Memberships:

Advice & help on tap when you need it.

Got a problem with your home computer? Have you have clicked on something you are not sure about? Perhaps your computer has slowed down unexpectedly, is showing strange errors, do you want to know if an email is genuine? Maybe your email is not working.

You need some quick professional computer advice. You need our Home Assist Service. This provides technical assistance by website, phone, email, text and if required we can link our system to your computer using our secure remote desktop software and you can demonstrate the problem to us.

If we can we will fix the problem there and then. For those more serious faults that require workshop bench repairs we have a modern fully equipped workshop located in Danby Wiske.

Support members benefit from general technical queries plus one to one help with their laptop or desktop computer problems. All this is for an affordable monthly payment.

If you require support for your small business see our Business Assist Service.

Ask us about our managed antivirus package, which alerts us if you have a virus on your computer. Or ask about our sophisticated managed Wi-Fi packages for larger homes and small business.

Of course we still offer traditional pay as you go support for non members. Just phone or email us for help. 


Email & Websites

Email & Websites

In conjunction with our friends and technology partner, Purple Creative Studio, we are able to facilitate the provision of Google and Microsoft business grade email solutions. This also extends to cloud based solutions with Google Apps and Microsoft's Office365 suite.

For websites we work with Purple Creative Studio who can design and build professional web solutions for charity organisations, start-up businesses through to corporate scale platforms with an extensive range of functionality.

You can learn more on the Purple Creative Studio website and say Tim sent you...